Holiday Memories

When I was growing up, my family mostly went for holidays at the beach. (I assumed that everyone did this…it’s only on growing up did I learn that not everyone went to the beach!) We would mostly camp, but sometimes stayed in apartments. We had a little routine that we stuck to: get up early, go for a walk along the beach, have breakfast, go back to the beach until lunch, eat, rest, then back to the beach for the afternoon. We loved building huge pools in the sand, seeing how far into the waves we could swim out, and sometimes just chilled out reading a book lying under the beach umbrella.

I am hoping my children develop a love of the beach too. We don’t go quite as often as my family did when I was growing up, but it’s something they really look forward to. They love dividing their time between the beach with waves and the stillwater. They love building castles and collecting shells. It’s such a happy, relaxed time, and perfect to capture some beach shots too!!!

Here is one of my favourites from about 4 years ago…

Crafty Shout-outs — The Crafty Mummy - […] at Belle Images lately. Angela is so clever. And a sweet lady to boot! She wrote this week about holidays as a kid at the beach. I remember beach holidays too, although the clearest memory is of the night the tent imploded from […]

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