Christmas Decorating {Toowoomba Portrait Photographer}

At our place (as I’m sure at yours too!) our children get so excited about putting up the Christmas decorations every year, and this year I decided to document it with photographs. I don’t let them start until December 1st (I’m a bit of a traditionalist like that!) As well as the tree we have lots of other little bits and pieces we put around the house. I really love the country timber look, so lots of them are in that style. My favourite, though, has to be the Willow Tree nativity scene, that I was given over several Christmas’. It’s so beautiful and simple!

Christmas Decorations Toowoomba

So here’s a snapshot of how the lead-up to Christmas looks at our house…


Featured below- our new Christmas blocks, some Christmas baking, stacking Santas that I was given while I was teaching a few years ago, our beautiful advent calendar that is filled with small treats each year, and our new sign to let Santa know where we are!

Christmas decorations Toowoomba

Featured below…I made the JOY sign for a Christmas card photo a few years ago, and now it makes a lovely shelf decoration; I buy a few Christmas bead angels each year to support Breast Cancer research (but just discovered this is the last year they will be making them!); another beautiful Willow Tree angel, and the sign that greets visitors outside our front door.

Christmas decorations Toowoomba


My three little angels decorating the Christmas tree (my son is actually pictured decorating Grandma and Grandpa’s tree!), and my attempt at a twinkly Christmas lights photo (I’ve decided I need more lights on the tree!) Try this tutorial, here.

Christmas decorations Toowoomba

Christmas is now just days away…so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy and safe Christmas for 2011. Thankyou for supporting Belle Images, and I look forward to meeting you for a family photography session in Toowoomba in 2012!

Merry Christmas!

Angela x

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