New Beginnings {Toowoomba Family Photographer}

This week school started back again. My eldest is now in year 3 (!), my eldest daughter is in year 1, and my youngest started family day care this week. It’s been a big week! The older two had a very seamless start to the year, which was a relief. My son has traditionally always  been a little unsure, and close to tears the first day when we drop him off. But this year, he just slotted right in. Admittedly, he was very quiet (and who could blame him…a new class, without his best mate). But, it seems he’s growing up! My daughter was happy as anything, claiming her seat in the middle of the front row next to her best friend! No worries there!

My youngest was off to family day care, for one day each week. I just love the concept of family day care, if you need to use a form of care for your children. The numbers of children are low, it’s highly regulated and safe, but the best thing of all is that it’s in a family-type environment, (ie a home!) There are always the same children, the same carer, who becomes almost a part of your own family, sharing your excitement at your children’s achievements.

Maybe it’s something to do with her personality, maybe it’s being the third child, or maybe it hasn’t hit her yet…but there were no tears at all on her part! (For the record, I didn’t cry either. Maybe because she seemed happy when I left). I guess we’ll see what the coming weeks bring!

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