Project 52: A photo a week for the year

This year, to continually challenge myself, I am participating in the My Four Hens Photography challenge Project 52. The idea is to take a photo each week, for the year, each on a given theme. We are given the theme at the start of each week, and the photo must be taken in the week. We then all upload our photos to Flickr. I have not yet done photos for weeks 1 and 2, as the first two weeks in Janaury are incredibly busy for our family, but here are weeks 3 and 4…

Week 3 : Inspiration

My inspiration is, (of course) my children….they are the main reason I started in this crazy game. My drive to capture each moment of their childhood is what inspires me to improve. I love to catch them just doing their own thing, and having fun!

Belle Images Project 52


Week 4: Imperfection

Belle Images Project 52

There were so many things I thought about for this week’s challenge…the one I immediately thought of was myself!! (But I didn’t want to scare you too much with a self-portrait!) This one was captured today…it shows for me the imperfection of motherhood, not the imperfection of the subject. Being a mother is such hard (but rewarding!) work! You NEVER get it right all the time, but you can try!

So, it will be interesting to see what the next week’s challenge is!

Angela x

P.S. Stand by for a very EXCITING product lauch later this week….Can’t wait!

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