Project 52- Toowoomba Photographer

I have finally got organised to post some more Project 52 images…three weeks worth, in fact!


Week 10: Personality

Project 52

If you want personality, my two-year-old has it in bucket-loads! She is stubborn, cheeky, a show-off, a very fast learner, and a mummy’s-girl! I realise this image is not perfect, but I believe it shows her beautiful personality!


Week 11: Blue

Project 52

And here are her blue eyes!! All my children have beautiful blue eyes- but they are all different shades. The eldest has the lightest eyes (his Grandma calls them “wolf eyes”), and these are the darkest of the three. With myself and my hubby both having blue eyes, it was fairly certain our kids would, too!


Week 12: Sparkle

Project 52I had so many ideas for this theme, but this one won out. I have always loved the look of the spider webs first thing in the morning, all covered with dew….beautiful!

So, now I am up-to-date once again! Hopefully it wont be three more weeks before I post another Project 52!

Angela x

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