Wall displays- how will my photos look on the wall?

When ordering your photos from your photo session, sometimes it is hard to know how they will look on the wall.  I have put together some displays that will help you visualise how different size prints will look on a wall, in a real room.

The first one is to give you idea of size comparison. The print on the bedside is an 8×10″. The canvas above the bed is 24×36″. It is easy to see how the smaller print is ideal for a frame on a desk, while the larger print really makes an impact on the wall.

compare photo print sizes

Here is another side-by-side example. An 8×10″ print compared with a 20×30″ print….

compare photo print sizes

Such a big image on the wall may not be to everyone’s taste, but many smaller images can be arranged to be pleasing to the eye:

compare photo print sizesThis display features a main 20×24″ print, two 8×10″ prints, and two 5×7″ prints, and is really effective!

compare photo print sizesThis hall display features a 20×30″ print in the centre, with two 16×20″ prints alongside it. Perfect for some family and individual shots!

  compare print sizes

Above this couch are three 11×14″ prints- uneven numbers are usually more pleasing to the eye. (Plus works well if you have three children, like me!)


Here is a general guide to how sizes compare, and how some sizes are cropped….

compare photo print sizes

If you are ordering photos, I can help you work out what would look best in your home. I can place any of your photos into an image like these, so that you can see how they will look on a wall in a real room. Call me on 0438 876 359 or email Angela@belleimages.com.au for more information on how I can help you work out your perfect room arrangement!


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