Photographing Your Own Children

You know the drill when it comes to photographing your own children…

Mum with big black camera: “Come here, sweetie, I want to get a photo of you”

Child (busily playing): “I don’t want to”

Mum (pleading):”Come on, just one photo”

Child (whining): “Aw, muuuuum”

Mum (through gritted teeth): ” Get here now…..And SMILE!”

Yeah, I know it too…only too well! My poor children, having a photographer for a mum. Even my two-year-old tries to run when she sees the camera pointed her direction, and shouts “No!” It was getting me down for a while. I mean, what kind of photographer was I if I couldn’t even photograph my own kids???

But there is another way. Children want mostly one thing from their parents- for Mum and Dad to be interested in them, pay attention to them, and be involved with them (ok, that was three, but they are all related!)

So build this in with photographing them.

Before you bring out the camera, get involved with their game, then, at an appropriate moment, grab a quick snap. They are usually quite happy to oblige, if you have been playing with them. If they have been constructing lego, get a shot of them holding their construction. If they have been drawing, get a shot of their artwork. Talk to them, ask them questions, snap the shutter to record their reactions.

I came across this great checklist from the Simple As That blog, and decided I am going to work through it with my children.

Embrace the Camera

(It’s available as a free download at  ) Ask them which photos they would like to be in, get them involved with the planning and set up of the shots. I know in the past that when I have done photography challenges that they love to be involved. The other bonus is that I will actually be IN some photos with my kids, instead of being behind the camera all the time. It may require using the self-timer, tripod or hubby to help, but it’s all part of the fun!

So, who’s with me?

Angela x

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