Why have your photo printed professionally?

Many people these days are interested in buying the digital files of their prints- and why not? Then you can share them, reprint them for family and friends, and back them up. If you have them printed at the big chain stores, they are so cheap, too! Why would you have them professionally printed?

I decided to do a test for myself. I printed the same photo at Harvey Norman, K-Mart, two local labs, and at the pro-lab I use for my clients.

When I have photos professionally printed, I use a calibrated monitor, and I have software that lets me check that the colours I see on my screen are exactly how the colours will print from this particular lab. No surprises!

Here are some examples to see how three different photos turned out….

Example One…digital image:

Belle Images Compare print quality

And here’s the prints…

Belle Images compare print quality

Notice the skin colour, hair colour, and the greens in the background.


Example two…digital image:

Belle Images compare print quality

And here’s the prints:

Belle Images compare print quality

Once again notice the skin colour- either really overexposed, or orange tan-like!


Example three…digital image:

Belle images compare print quality

And the prints….

Belle Images compare print quality

Notice the greens and the difference in skin tones.

The point of this is not to bag the many discount printing labs, but to point out that you get what you pay for. And if you’re paying  a professional to take your photos, wouldn’t want your images to look the best they could?

Angela x

P.S. If you’re a photographer and want to share this, please credit Belle Images in your share. Thank you 🙂


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