Orange Monaro and Green Tutu

It’s not often that I get to photograph cars…let alone such a well-cared for orange Monaro! This schmick-looking car has been in the family for a long time, and had finally finished being restored…so of course it was to be included in the family photos!

orange monaro in family photos toowoomba

Just before the session, I saw a photo of this young man washing his pedal car next to his Dad, who was washing the Monaro. I immediately knew it would look great in the session too! (The pedal car belonged to the Dad when he was a boy!)

Boy in orange monaro pedal car

Now the car has had it’s moment in the sun, it’s time to see some photos of the family who owns it…. and what an awesome job they did dressing for the session too!

family photos Laurel Bank Park Toowoomba

children family portrait in park

These three children are an absolute credit to their parents….

family photos Laurel Bank Park

…even this one!!!

Boy pulling face in photo

laughing family photo

Mother and children photo in park

Father and children photo in park

Mother and daugher photo Laurel Bank PArk Toowoomba

Father and sons photo Laurel Bank Park Toowoomba

It’s wonderful to be able to give parents a beautiful photo of themselves….quite often it’s been a long time since they’ve had a profesisonal photo of just the two of them.

Couple photo Toowoomba

Family walking along path Toowoomba

And to even-up all the testosterone from earlier in the post….here’s a beautiful shot of Miss 8 wearing a GORGEOUS Poppy and Rose tutu. (If you havent checked out Poppy and Rose…you absolutely must!!)

girl wearing Poppy and Rose tutu skirt

If it’s been a while since your last family photos, or even just since you had photos of just you and your partner, (and even your car!!) now’s the time! Email me and I can help make it happen!

Angela x

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