Three Generations in Laurel Bank Park

One of the great things about what I do is recording images and moments in time for future generations. It was an honour to be able to photograph three generations of this family, in beautiful Laurel Bank Park.

Three generations in Laurel Bank PArk

Mum Dad and son in Toowoomba Parl

Dad Mum and son in Laurel Bank Park

Little Mr 4 is adored by his grandparents, and has a particularly strong bond with his Grandpa.

Grandparents and Grandchild

Grandparents and Grandson in Laurel Bank PArk

Grandfather Father and Son in Toowoomba PArk

And of course, what four-year-old boy doesn’t adore “Thomas” and trains???

Thomas the tank engine in Laurel Bank Park

It’s so wonderful to meet a family with such a strong bond.

Parents and daughter in Toowoomba PArk

Father and daughter

Mother and daughter in Toowoomb Park

Grandparents and Parents in Laurel Bank PArk

If you would love to have an extended family photo session, I would love to hear from you! Call me on 0438 876 359, or email me and we can find the perfect time and location to have a fun family photo session!

Angela x

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