31 Days of Summer- Week 4 | Personal Project

OK- I have a confession to make: I have slacked off in my personal project 31 Days of Summer. I have only three photos to show you this week. BUT…We did go away for two whole days without the kids, and had three horrible days of yucky rainy weather on our return. (I can’t complain too much, as we fared so much better than many people around QLD did). The weather situation made me really anxious, and I just couldn’t settle at doing anything, much less thinking of creative ways to take photos of the children watching TV! (Yes, I also confess to letting them watch a little too much TV on the rainy days!)

In my defense…it’s not actually a January project, and there is still a whole month summer left for me to catch up!

So here are the next three photos in my 31 Days of Summer project. Enjoy!

Blowing bubbles with giant bubble wands

Bomb dive!

Making gingerbread shapes


Looking forward to showing you more of our summer next week 😉 To see last week’s photos click here.

Angela x

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