Beloved in the Japanese Gardens

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of putting together a “Beloved” session with two beautiful people.

The Beloved style of photography has been developed by the Canadian photographer Jesh De Rox. You can find more of his work here. I was fortunate to attend one of his workshops last year, and earlier this year continued my study into the Beloved style. It’s got me more excited than anything I’ve ever done before!

Beloved is described as… “a hands-on, have fun, feel good photographic adventure. It celebrates and explores showing love, feeling love and being loved. Beloved is the smell of your newborn baby, the softness of your lovers lips, and the wrinkles worn by the one who chose you. Beloved is an experience of the heart that gives truth a voice, gives relationships strength, gives love flight. Beloved is a rediscovery of the one you fell in love with.”

Beloved is a session that explores the emotions and shared experiences between people. It can be a session for a couple, for a parent and child, or for a family.

Lauren and Scott were my first two muses, and happily stood in the rain as I photographed them sharing some incredible moments.

Here’s the wonderful result:

Please leave them some love!

Angela x

P.S. If you’re in the Toowoomba area and would love to have your special moments recorded forever, call me on 0438 876 359



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