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To celebrate ten wonderful years of marriage, Amie and Cameron celebreated with a Beloved style photography session in beautiful Queens Park Toowoomba. The day was absolutely FREEZING!!!! But, you wouldn’t have known it to watch these two together! I first met Amie and Cameron when they booked in for a family session, and the photo of their daughter is one of my most favourite photos I have ever taken. (You can see their session here).

Beloved session Queens Park Beloved session Toowoomba

We played a game, where they each brought along three items from home that remind them of each other…..Beloved style couple session Toowoomba

This is their reaction when they realised they had both brought THE SAME THREE THINGS!!! (Obviously these two are a perfect match ♥)

Beloved style session Toowoomba

Beloved style photography sessionBeloved style session for couples in love

Couple in love Toowoomba

Beloved style session Toowoomba photographer Belle Images Toowoomba portrait photographerSmith-35

Thank you Amie and Cameron for opening up and being willing to celebrate your love honestly and openly, (and for coming out to the park on one of Toowomba’s coldest days brrrr!!)

If you’d like to see the slideshow from their session, click here:

Beloved sessions are a way for you to celebrate your love- be it a couple, or family. If it’s been a while since you’ve some time just for the two of you, call me and we can organised a Beloved style session. I work with you so that the session is tailored just for you, and it’s the perfect way to reconnect with your partner, and remember all the reasons why you love them.

Call me (Angela) on 0438 876 359 or email to find out if this is the right session for you.

Angela x

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