Special Birthday Celebration

I was honored to photograph this family in celebration for their Mum’s birthday (we won’t say how old- well ok, she’s 21!). It was wonderful to see four sisters and their families join together to make is a special occasion for their Mum. They did an awesome job in coordinating everyone’s outfits- no mean feat with so many in the family!

Extended family photo Spring Bluff

This Mum and her four daughters are very close, and although one family lives in Toowoomba and the others in Warwick, they still manage to spend a lot of time together.

Mother and daughters Toowoomba

And here are all her grandchildren!

Grandchildren Toowoomba

These four sisters are very close- makes me wish I had a sister!

Four sister Toowoomba


Extended family photo Spring Bluff


Mums and daughters Toowoomba


Family photos Toowoomba


Happy couple Toowoomba

Extended family photo Spring Bluff

A birthday is a great reason to get the family together for a photo session! Like to know more? Call me on 0438 876 359 and I can fill you in on all the juicy details! Or click here to find out more about family photo sessions.

Angela x

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