Late last year I was lucky to photograph these two beautiful sisters at their home in Toowoomba. There may be about 17 years age gap between them, but they have a very special bond.

Younger sister photoOlder sister

Their backyard was the perfect setting for a tea party, with beautiful Jacaranda flowers sprinkled over the lawn.

Sisters having a tea party

And what’s not to love about a little bit of bubble-blowing? (Don’t you just adore the way she puts her hand on her big sister’s leg? Just reassuring herself that big sister is there for her!)

Special tea party for sisters

Older sister photo

When we went inside I knew this chair would be the perfect spot for some cute photos- and they’re some of my favourites from the session. Those facial expressions are priceless!

Baby sister on chair

It’s so wonderful to see that these two sisters get on so well together!

Sisters in Toowoomba

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Angela x

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