Smile | At the Newtown Rose Garden

There is something about a gappy grin that I just can’t resist! Some parents hold back on having family photographs while their children have missing teeth, but I think it’s a wonderful way to remember such a short (but momentous) time in their lives. And I just adored the toothless smile on this young lady! Both she and her brother were as cheeky as they look- but I love a bit of spark in children.

We met up in the Newtown State Rose Garden in Toowoomba. Their parents were married only a few months before these photos were taken, and this session was gifted to them. They enjoyed having photos taken without the stress of a wedding day!

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If you’re thinking about family photos in Toowoomba, the Newtown Rose Garden is a wonderful location. Contact me on 0438 876 359, or click here for more details.




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