Making Popcorn | A lifestyle session

It’s hard being a photographer’s child.

My children are totally over it. They see the camera coming and they hide.

So I have to keep coming up with novel ways to keep them interested while I snap away. This time it was making popcorn. (You can see some other things I’ve tried with them here).

We have an air-popper (nice and healthy too!) which means the kids can see all the action.


ingredients for making popcornall ready to make popcornsisters making popcorntipping popcorn into popcorn makermaking popcornTheir expressions when the corn comes out and explodes in the bowl are priceless!!

making popcorn

They just couldn’t wait to eat it!

Eating the popcornmaking popcorn

The best thing about making popcorn is that you get to eat it at the end!!

popcorntoowoomba lifestyle photographytoowoomba lifestyle photographer

All gone! Just a few lonely seeds left……after the popcorn

If your children are a little camera-shy, I have some great ideas for lifestyle sessions that will have them doing something so fun they wont even realise the camera is there. If you would like to know more, call me on 0438 876 359, or email and I’ll fill you in on all the details. Otherwise, you can click here.


Angela x

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