Babies and saddles

I think this cute little bundle of joy might very well grow up to walk in her father’s footsteps. He works in the saddle, and they brought along his saddle to be in the photos (scroll to the end to see).

I’m sure he would be a very proud Dad if his daughter took after him!

Family photos Laurel Bank Park Toowoomba

It’s so beautiful to see the way new parents gaze at their children (and the way their children gaze back!)

Mother and daughter

There’s an unspoken communication there. It’s trust, and love, and confidence that they will be there for one another. Always.

Mother gazing at new baby2014-07-22_0005Father and daughterBaby details Toowoomba photographerBaby with saddle Toowoombacouple in hats photo

These beautiful family photos were taken in Laurel Bank Park Toowoomba. If you need to update your family photos in a beautiful location, it’s certainly hard to beat. And if you have a saddle too, feel free to bring it along! I love to incorporate personal items into your photos to make them all the more special for you.

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