A wonderful surprise

Did you find out the sex of your baby before they were born? I didn’t, and neither did this family. They were certain they were having a boy, as they have two already. They hadn’t really considered many girls names.

And then they had a girl.

What a wonderful surprise. I think they’re enjoying having some pink in their lives now!

Toowoomba family photo Davdison Arboretum

Her big brothers absolutely adore her. It was beautiful to hear them to talk to her.

“…..isn’t she cuuuuuute!”

Big brothers cuddling baby sister Toowoomba photographerToowoomba family photographerToowoomba family photographerNewborn photo session Toowoomba

We had the most beautiful afternoon for this session at the Davidson Arboretum at Highfields, which I’ve not used for a session before, but is a little hidden treasure! The boys brought along some bubble wands which made amazing bubbles. They had a ball running around with these for ages. (A great activity to keep busy little bodies from getting too antsy during a photo session!).

Toowoomba photo session bubble wandsFamily photo session ToowoombaBig brothers and baby sister family photo session Toowoombawonderful surpriseMother and baby daughter photo session ToowoombaFAther and newborn daughter ToowoombaFamily photo session Davidson Arboretum HighfieldsFamily photography Toowoomba

I discovered at the end of the session that Master 6 has quite the talent with a soccer ball! He was doing fantastic trick shots bouncing it off his head. (I am such a soccer novice so I don’t even know the name for this, but I was very impressed!) The session was around the time of the Soccer World Cup, so that raised the excitement even more.

Boy headbutting soccer ball

If you would like to celebrate the arrival of a new life in your family, a photo session is a perfect way to record all the little details before they are forgotten. Newborn sessions can be a in park like this one, or at your home. You can find out more about sessions here, or if you would like to have a chat, you can call me on 0438 876 359. I’ll do my best to answer all your questions.


Angela x

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