Hard work being a baby

It’s such hard work being a baby! There’s all those cheeky smiles, cuddles, and wriggling to do. It’s enough to wear a girl out.

And it did!

This cute little 3-month-old girl went to sleep in middle of her photo session with her family in Toowoomba. It’s a tough life, but it made for some beautiful cuddly photos with her Mum and Dad.

Baby photo session Toowoomba

The day we had the session was right in the middle of winter, and although there had been some nice days, this was not one of them. So thankfully, her grandparents were able to generously give us the run of their house so we could take some photos, and it worked perfectly!

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Although most sessions I photograph are outside, this just goes to show that the weather need not be a problem, and indoor sessions can be beautiful too! Three months old is such a lovely time to have photos taken of your baby, as they are smiley and cheeky, and able to “do” a little more.

If you would like to book a session with your baby, call me on 0438 876 359, or find out more about sessions here.


Angela x

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