Photographing Your Own Children

I have photographed many children in my years as a photographer, but none quite so tricky as my own. That degree of familiarity always gets in the way.

Last Saturday afternoon, the light was beautiful, the weather was perfect, so I thought I would chance taking them out for some photos. I haven’t taken purposeful photos of them in a while, and they’re growing and changing so quickly.

Toowoomba family photographer

photo session Toowoomba family photographer

My kids are OVER having their photo taken, and especially by me! There’s groans and rolling of eyes, but acceptance that they just have to “get it over with”.

Add in to this, my most mischievous child.

Toowoomba photography sessions

Those who know her probably think she’s a quiet, placid, and obliging child. Well, she is at school, and everywhere else she goes. But not always for us, and not always when there’s a camera around! Can’t you just imagine a halo above that angelic look?

fun family photographer Toowoomba

Her brother and sister are a little more accepting. In fact, her brother was probably the best-behaved of all three at this session!

Toowoomba childrenToowoomba children

Well, he is a pre-teen. You have to expect a little eye-rolling in there somewhere!

But this one. I don’t know what we’re going to do with her! Butter wouldn’t melt in that mouth!

Fun children

She’s a little rebel alright.

fun family photo sessions Toowoomba

But after all the antics last Saturday, I know I have photos showing their true personalities and photos of how they are “just now”. And that’s really important to me.

I might just ask someone else to take their photos next time!!


Angela x

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