Boys, grubs and trains

I love kids with some spunk. And Mr 4 had plenty of it! While having his family’s photo session at Spring Bluff near Toowoomba, he found wichetty grubs under a log, wrestled with Dad, was tickled by Mum, watched a coal train go past, but spent most of the time snuggling with his baby brother. Actually, it was hard to get him to stop kissing his new brother! It’s wonderful to see new siblings have such a special bond. His Mum and Dad have decided that their family is complete, so they wanted to record this time with some family photos.

Family photographer Toowoomba


I LOVE those baby blue eyes!brothers Toowoomba photographer

Mother and sons photo Toowoomba


Dad and son wrestlingDad and sons photo ToowoombaNewborn baby on mums shoulder

Wichetty grubs found under a log (that we didn’t think he was strong enough to move!)

Bugs in boy

I love getting the Mums and Dads together for a photo…after all, once you have kids it’s really hard to get both of you in the photo. Theses images really sum them up.

Family photography toowoomba

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