10 Things to do With Your Kids Before They Grow Up

Like all parents, I feel that my kids are growing up way too fast. It seems like only yesterday they were little babies and I was lost in the haze of feeding and not getting much sleep! In the blink of an eye, suddenly my youngest is at school and my eldest is ready for high school next year. I am proud of the way they are growing up, but some days I really wish I could freeze time.

So I have put together a short list (and it could have been much much longer!) of ten things to do with your kids before they grow up. We have done most of them….


1.Leave them a love note

At the start of the school year I get enthusiastic and leave little notes in their lunch box. My daughters, especially, have written me many love notes over the years.

Leave your kids a love note

2. Grow something

Having the patience to wait until seedlings grow and flower is a tough thing for little kids, but great for them to learn about how to look after another living thing. If you can grow something edible, like your own vegies or fruit, they get the reward of eating it too.

Grow something
3. Have a treasure hunt

Sometimes, when I am super-organized, I put together a treasure hunt for my kids to find their birthday presents. They love the anticipation of finding the next clue, and of course, the presents!

Have a treasure hunt
4. Own a pet

My kids don’t know what it’s like to NOT have a pet. We have always had a dog, and sometimes fish. They learn about how to care for living creatures, and not to be scared of animals.

Have a pet
5. Camp in the backyard

The one time we did this, it rained and then our airbed went down. We ended up carrying the kids inside in the middle of the night. Must do it again sometime……

camp in the backyard
6. See a show in the theatre

We often go to see shows at the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba, and the kids love it! They love the anticipation of waiting for the show to begin, and of course watching the show. It’s also great for them to learn how an audience behaves.

Go to the theatre
7. Learn to cook

My eldest daughter has quite a sweet tooth, which has motivated her to learn to bake. She also makes us pancakes for breakfast every Sunday morning! It’s a win-win situation.

Learn to cook
8. Have a day off school for no reason

Um….haven’t done this one, but I know lots of parents who have done this, and they tell me it’s worth it!

Have a day off school
9. Build a cubby

My kids are the champion cubby builders! Inside or out, they build cubbies all the time.

Build a cubby
10. Play under a sprinkler

What a fantastic way to cool down in the hot summers we have been having the last couple of years!

Ten things to do with your kidsRun through the sprinkler

This is just my version…I’m sure you have lots more ideas of things to do with your kids before they grow up. I’d love to know your ideas! Drop me a line at Angela@belleimages.com.au

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