January 2016 Photo-A-Day: Week 1

January 2016 Photo-a-Day: Week 1
I am off and running again on my annual photo-a-day project! My aim is to capture a photo of my family every day for the month of January. Everything is off to a good start, and with school holidays and two birthdays coming up, there should be plenty for me to photograph!

January 2016 photo-a-dayThe year began with some cleaning jobs! Number one- washing the car!

January 2016 photo-a-dayLot of lego for Christmas meant that there is lots of lego play happening at our house at the moment.

January 2016 photo-a-dayA trip to the park to get the kids out of the house for the morning.

2016-01-07_0002What else to do when it’s raining than watch “Just Dance” videos on Youtube and dance along.

January 2016 photo-a-dayA little sewing project for me (I only do little projects!!), making some ammo pouches for the Nerf and Nerf Rebelle darts everyone got for Christmas.

January 2016 photo-a-dayOur lounge has turned into a Lego Friends city! (Note to self- do not walk through here in the middle of the night!)

January 2016 photo-a-dayNerf shooting range…someone is practicing for his Nerf party next weekend!

Stick around for next week’s Photo-a-Day images!



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