Week 3: January 2016 Photo-a-day

Week 3 of my annual January Photo-a-day challenge. It’s usually by this stage I start to get tired, and run out of inspiration. I’m usually weary from school holidays, and ready for school to start. Well, that last part is true now, but I haven’t yet run out of ideas. Here’s Week 3.


Day 15: Shooting a movie with her Lego mini-figures. A budding film-maker?

Week 3 photo-a-day

Day 16: The Nerf War party was a huge success, even in the rain!

Phot0-a-day 2016

Day 17: Plotting and planning with the cousins

Photo-a-day project

Day 18: Shopping with Mum. I only had one chance at this shot. The escalator was a short one, and I wanted to make sure no-one else walked into the frame!

Photo-a-day 2016

Day 19: Happy Birthday to my littlest Miss. She is LOVING her new camera. (Like mother, like daughter?)

Week 3 Photo-a-day 2016

Day 20: She loves to be outside. I enjoyed sitting in the shade, out of the heat, and watching her have fun.

Week 3 2016

Day 21: Waiting with anticipation to see how many pins get knocked down.

Photo-a-day 2016

If you’d like to catch up on the previous two weeks of my January Photo-a-day challenge, click here.

I am also currently booking sessions for 2016. If you’d like to know more about a session, please call me (Angela) on 0438 876 359. I’d especially love to hear from you if you’re interested in a lifestyle session, in a similar style to what I have photographed here.

Keep any eye out for next week’s challenge photos!


Angela x

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