Top 6 Reasons to Print Your Photos

Top 6 Reasons Why Prints Are Totally Worth It!

Did you ever spend an afternoon at your grandparents house, pouring over old photographs, finding out who is who, and exclaiming about how your Dad looked as a boy, your Mum’s funny haircut, or how the yard looked many years ago? You could do this because your grandparents (and their parents, etc) printed their photos. I am passionate about continuing this tradition, and encourage you to print the photos I take of your family.


  1. As mentioned above, the historical aspect. These are permanent “hard copy” records of historical significance. Your children and grandchildren will hopefully one day be spending an afternoon pouring over them.Looking at prints

  2. People (especially children) grow and change quickly. Having a  reminder on display is a great way of keeping track of time.Prints

  3. It’s a wonderful self-esteem boost for your children to see themselves displayed in photos.Print your photos

  4. Digital technologies change quickly (5 1/4″ floppy disk anyone?) No-one is spending an afternoon staring at a USB or CD! It wont be long before these technologies are surpassed, and then you may not be able to access your photos!Print your photos

  5. High quality printing lasts a long time. If you’re going to spend money to have your photos taken professionally, why trust them to the local supermarket printing kiosk? It’s definitely worth it to pay a little extra knowing the colour of the prints will be spot on, and the paper and inks are made to last (See this post where I compare some discount printing labs with my pro lab).Prints

  6. I don’t know how many times I have heard friends mention that they had professional photos taken, but the CD is still “sitting in a draw somewhere”. (Such a waste!) Why not print them and display where you can see them?Printed album

Here’s to prints!

Angela x


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