Mulberry Season

There really is nothing else like Mulberry season. Finding just the right one that falls off the tree into your waiting fingers. Biting into it with your teeth and feeling the juice run down your chin. Hunting for the next one. (And for the parents… up the mulberry juice stains later!!)

Our Mulberry tree had a ripper year this year! Very few frosts and lots of rain meant it was literally weighed down with mulberries! The kids had been checking on it since mid-September to see if the berries were ripe. Much of their school holiday was spent picking mulberries. It’s also an excellent tree to climb!

One afternoon I grabbed my camera as the girls headed up to the tree. Just something for myself. No pressure, no deadlines. Just taking photos because of the beautiful light and making some memories for my kids.

Mulberry season

Just to show the sheer size of the tree. The part where the girls are standing was upright before the berries grew!


Ripe mulberriesMulberry seasonEating mulberriesMulberry seasonPicking mulberries

This swing was off the ground last year- now it’s touching the ground as the branches are weighed down so much!


Mulberry seasonPicking mulberries

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