31 Days of January: Week 1

Week 1: 31 Days of January

This is my sixth year of documenting the month of January in photos, (you can find last year’s photos here.) I am hoping that in years to come my children will treasure the photos of them at their most relaxed- during the summer holidays in Toowoomba. I try to keep them busy with activities, so usually that makes for some great photos.

Day One: Don’t mess with this chick!

Does the youngest always have the most attitude in a family?

Day 1 January

Day Two: Cooling off

We have been swimming almost daily….so handy having grandparents nearby who have a pool!Day 2 January

Day Three: Cobb and Co Museum

A group effort to see how many cubes they could light up with pedal energy!Day 3 JanauryDay Four: Wedding anniversary

We¬† celebrated 21 years of marriage by popping down to Brisbane to see Mamma Mia the musical. (If you can go- do it! It’s fantastic!)Day 4 January

Day Five: Minecraft!

For a while, all three kids were happy to play in split-screen, at the same time. Now they all want their own turns in their own worlds.

Day 5 January

Day 6: Making a rocket launcher

Thanks to the activities at Cobb and Co earlier in the week, father and son came up with their own paper rocket launcher. It’s keeping the oldest one busy this week.

Day 6 JanuaryDay 7: Waterfight!

There’s nothing like a waterfight to cool everyone down on a hot afternoon!Day 7 January

I am available for family photo sessions in Toowoomba during the rest of January (mostly week days are available). If you’d like to have a chat about what you have in mind, please call me on 0438 876 359. Or for more information about sessions, click here.

Tune in next week for the next installment of photos!

Angela x

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