31 Days of January: Week 2 {Toowoomba Photographer}

31 Days of January Week 2

I have to admit that this photo-a-day project got a little harder for January week 2. It was hot. All week. Which meant that the kids either wanted to stay inside or go swimming, (and 7 photos of swimming is not that interesting!!) I did consider giving up. But I thought about how worth it it will be in the end, the feeling of  accomplishment, and something for the kids to look back on later. So, I have made it through another week.


Day 8: Sorting school supplies

You can tell how thrilled they are to be thinking about going back to school!

January Week 2

Day 9: Sunset

The most magnificent pink sunset was casting a pink glow on everything, including the face of my youngest.Day 9 January week 2

Day 10: Spider to cool down

After making it through a  morning spent in the uniform shop, we all deserved morning tea! This spider was so fizzy it was spilling over the edges (the best kind). Also, a phone photo as that was what I had with me at the time.

Day 10 JanuaryDay 11: It’s hot

It’s been so hot all week that our fans and air-conditioner have been working over-time. What better spot to watch the iPad than right in front of the fan!

Day 11 January week 2

Day 12: Pre-birthday Dinner

We had a pre-birthday dinner with relatives for my eldest’s birthday. His little cousin didn’t want to be put down, so she’s in the photo too!

Day 12 January week 2Day 13: Birthday!

All the spoils from the birthday!

Day 13 JanuaryDay 14: Party time

We had a camp-out for his birthday (yes, one of those birthdays that goes on and on!) and one of the highlights was roasting marshmallows over the fire. We tried those huge marshmallows, but I think they were a bit too big!

Day 14 January

If you missed last week’s photos, you can find them here. Wish me luck in capturing the next week in photos.

Angela x

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