And baby makes three….boys!

How wonderful that this family’s new addition was a baby boy. I know that they will all be great mates growing up! They celebrated with an in-home session at their house in Toowoomba. The older brothers are obviously smitten with the new arrival, but are just as happy to read books or go hunting for bugs.


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dad and the boys
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Toowoomba newborn photographer

I find in-home sessions are often the easiest with newborn photography, as everyone is more relaxed in their own home. You only have to tidy one or two rooms with good light (and I promise I wont look in any cupboards!) You can stop and feed as necessary, and any older children have their own toys and spaces to play in when it’s not their turn for photos. I’d love to hear from you if you’re expecting soon, and are thinking about an in-home newborn session! Or for more information about sessions. Email me angela@belleimages.com.au