Who knew, before this session at Picnic Point Toowoomba, that bubble blowers and babies are a match made in heaven! Or rather, this little bub was obsessed with the bubble blower once she had seen it! (Note to self- only bring these out again at the end of the session!) I ended up letting her take it home because she loved it so much!

toowoomba baby photographer
toowoomba family photographer

This was their first photo session as a family, and just before their little girl was nearly one and a half, so it was very special!

mum and toddler
toddler and parents
bubble blowers and babies
Bubble blowers and babies
family photography toowoomba
family photography picnic point toowoomba

And of course, I always make sure to get a shot of the parents together!

Toowoomba photographer

If you would like to make sure you have some moments recorded of your family, email me Angela@belleimages.com.au for available dates. You can find more information about photo sessions in Toowoomba here.