This photo session turned into a sunset celebration, as it was the littlest Miss’s birthday the day after this session, (and she even got a sneaky little gift during the session!) The golden light was weaving it’s magic for us on the long grass, and the youngest little man had lots of fun exploring what was on the ground and picking it up!

sunset celebration toowoomba
toowoomba family photographer
sunset celebration family photos toowoomba
spring afternoon toowoomba photographer
sunset celebration family photographer toowoomba
mother and daughter toowoomba photographer
toowoomba family photographer
sunset celebration toowoomba family photographer
father and daughter
Toowoomba couples photographer

Autumn and Winter are the perfect times for sunset photos in the long grass, as there are no sliding little critters around (snakes!). We can also have the sessions earlier in the afternoon as the sun sets earlier- which is a win if you have little ones! Why not layer up with some cute scarves, beanies, and beautiful textures of knit jumpers too?

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