{Originally posted November 2016]

In Toowoomba there is an annual festival called “First Coat”, where artists from all around the country come to show the graffiti skills on the walls around the city. Just for something different, this family and I walked around to some of their favourite pieces for their photo session. They have eagerly followed each First Coat festival, have painted along with some of the artists, and even own a piece of graffiti art that is proudly on display in their home.

The lively colours on the walls just added to the fun of the afternoon.

Graffiti wall session Toowoomba
Urban photo session Toowoomba
Graffiti family photo session Toowoomba
Graffiti wall Toowoomba
Family portraits Toowoomba
Urban family photo session Toowoomba
Tooowoomba family photography
Urban family photo session Toowoomba
Urban family portraits Toowoomba
Graffitii wall photo session Toowoomba
Graffiti wall Toowoomba
Toowoomba family photographer
Toowoomba family photography

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