[Originally posted February 2017]

I think there are fairies and elves hiding in the bush at Picnic Point. I swear I photographed some the other day. The fairies were wearing beautiful wreaths of flowers in their hair and flowing white dresses. The elf must have been a baby, but he had the most gorgeous blonde curls.

In all honesty, this is my brother and his gorgeous family! They were visiting Toowoomba for a few weeks over Christmas, and we took the opportunity to take some photos together, as it’s been nearly three years since I last photographed them, (see the newborn photos here).

This gorgeous golden light is absolutely the reason why I strongly suggest having your photo session in the late afternoon. The sun is low, it makes the light golden, which flatters you, and the sun flares are mesmerising. Aside from sunrise (and I’m guessing most of you are not early risers) this is the most beautiful time of day for a family photo session.

Picnic Point photo session
Picnic Point Toowoomba family photo session
Portrait Belle Images Toowoomba
Portrait Belle Images Toowoomba
Portrait Belle Images Toowoomba
Mother and daughters Toowoomba
FAther and daughter Toowoomba
FAmily photography Toowoomba
Picnic Point Belle Images Toowoomba
Sibling laughing Belle Images Toowoomba
Belle Images Toowoomba
Family photo session Toowoomba
FAmily photographer Towoomba
Father and daughter Toowoomba
Picnic Point Toowoomba
Family photo session Toowoomba

If you would love your family photo session at Picnic Point in Toowoomba, call me on 0438 876 359 and we can have a chat about the details! If you’d like more information about sessions, click here.


Angela x