It’s always a privilege to photograph your friends (and their children), at any time, but for a formal it’s extra special. Something even more special, is that the couple going to the formal have known each other their whole lives, as their parents are good friends. I have seen this pair grow up from primary school, and it’s a delight to see them (almost) ready for the next step of their lives.

We had a last-minute change of location as rain was threatening, so the decision was made to go to the railway station. It’s always a reliable choice for inclement weather.

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I think this car was a perfect match for the dress!

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I have limited availability for formals this year. To find out more about formal photography, click here. I can only photograph one formal each day, so if you’d like to check if I’m available for your date, make sure you do so soon! Email me angela@belleimages.com.au