If there was an emergency right now, and you had to grab your most precious things, what would you reach for?

I’m guessing one of those things would be photos. But, in this day and age of digital, many photos are stored on our phones and computers. How often do you back these up?

If you’ve had a photo session in the past, have you backed up your copy of your digital files, especially if they were on CD? (Many computers now don’t even have a CD drive).

Technology doesn’t last forever, and even hard drives fail.

So what is the best way to back up your images?

First of all, make sure you have multiple copies. If they’re on a USB, put them on hard drive as well. If they’re on a hard drive, put them on another hard drive.

Then keep one of those hard drives off site.

To make triply sure, you can use a cloud service as well.

The best way to back up your photos? Print them so you can still view them, no matter what technology is around in the future.

photo book

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