Top 7 Reasons to Book A Winter Photo Session

Winter photo session Toowoomba

Why book a Winter photo session in Toowoomba? “It’s cold!”, I hear you say. Here’s my top 7 reasons why Winter photo sessions are awesome….

1. It’s not hot…..so you won’t be hot either!

Winter photo sessions mean you won’t be hot and sweaty. No-one wants to look red and blotchy in their photos!

Mother and daughter

2. Shorter days

You can have a sunset session and be home in plenty of time for dinner, and the kids won’t be in bed too late.

winter photo session

3. No nasty creepy crawlies

The cooler weather means mozzies, flies and other insects are not around, (also snakes and spiders!)

family photo session toowoomba

4. Amazing sunsets

Winter sunsets are beautiful! And you’re not out too late to make the most of them.

winter photo session

5. Weather is predictable

In Summer there can quite often be storms in the late afternoon, but in Winter the weather is much more predictable. You can book a session without stress over the weather.

family photos toowoomba

6. Layers

Winter means you have lots of textured layers that show up beautifully in photos. Think knits, beanies, scarves and bright colours!

toowoomba family photo session

7. Less photo-bombers

There are not as many people out in the public parks, so more privacy for you, and less chance of unwitting photo-bombers (that I will need to edit out!)

Autumn family photos Toowoomba

Let’s book in that Winter photo session in Toowoomba or Darling Downs today! Grab a coffee (and hot chocolate for the kids), put on your favourite scarf or beanie, and lets go make some beautiful memories!