One of the first things that clients think about and ask as soon as they have booked their family photo session in Toowoomba is “What should we wear?” Here are some tips to make it easier to choose the perfect outfit.

family sitting on steps in the garden

Keep it simple!

Make sure you outfits are comfortable and that you can move around in them. Don’t let your clothes overwhelm the photo- you’re the star, not the clothes.

Family photographer Laurel Bank Park

Consider the location

Make sure your outfits suit the location for your family photo session. Make sure all the family dress to a similar code- either all formal or all casual.

Set yourself apart form the background. If you’re in a park, perhaps avoid greens so you don’t disappear into the background. If you’re location is graffiti walls, wear something more neutral to stand against the bright walls.

urban graffiti wall photo session

Colour palette

Choose 2-3 colours, then use similar tones of those colours.

Make sure the colours are similar to where you might be displaying the images in your home. Use neutrals to fill in.

Make sure you’re either all in dark colours, or all in light colours.

I often suggest that mums choose their outfit first and match the others around that. If you want to add in a patterned outfit, that’s great, but limiting to one is a good idea.

toowoomba christmas family gathering


Accessories can help you add a pop of colour or some texture for interest. Try adding a scarf, jewellery, belts, textures, headbands, or hats. Think about your shoes and perhaps give them a clean or polish beforehand.

rural family photos toowoomba

Things to avoid

  • Avoid wearing all the same colour (eg all white shirts and jeans).
  • Avoid sleeveless tops and dresses.
  • Don’t wear anything too tight, or clothes that might ride up.
  • Avoid very obvious fashion trends that might date your photos in years to come.
  • Large motifs and characters
  • Neon or very bright pinks and reds

If you need help to narrow down your choices, or just want another opinion, you can send me photos of what you plan to wear, and I will be more than happy to give advice!

To book your session, email me Angela@belleimages.com.au