[Originally posted October 2016]

This growing family has been four times blessed with beautiful baby girls. Last year I photographed their third daughter, and once again I was able to photograph them in their home.

Baby photographer Toowoomba

Her three older sisters adore her, and were super-keen to have their photo taken holding her. (Well, maybe her next-oldest sister was a little hesitant, but that’s to be expected in a one-year-old trying to understand who this new little being is!)

four times blessed with girls
Newborn photographer Toowoomba
four times blessed
Baby photographer Toowoomba
Newborn lifestyle photography Toowoomba
Baby photographer Toowoomba
Belle Images Toowoomba
Newbonr photographer Toowoomba

I always love to get a shot of the parents together, because, let’s face it, when you have several kids (ok, four) there’s not much opportunity to get both of you in the photo anymore!

Toowoomba portrait photographer

If you would love an in-home newborn session, call me on 0438 876 359 and we can have a chat about what you have in mind. Sometimes a session in your own home is so much easier than going out with your new baby. And everything is there if you need it. All we need is one room with lots of light (so you’re completely free to hide stuff in cupboards and under the bed!)

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