Kids Being Kids!

One of the things parents worry about the MOST before their photo session, is “Will my kids behave?”

Worry no more!

One of the reasons I do this job is because I love kids! I have three of my own, and I am an early childhood teacher (fun fact!) I am EXTREMELY patient, and very tolerant of children’s behaviour. I will not judge your parenting skills on how your children behave at the session- pinky promise!

I want your children to run, laugh, jump, poke tongues and do cartwheels…..because that means they’re having fun. Which means you can relax, and that’s when the magic happens. When you’re relaxed and being yourself and in the moment, that’s when I see the best expressions. The ones you want to frame forever on the wall.

Let’s make some memories together, so you can remember your children just how they are at this stage of their lives.

When you contact me we can work out what kind of photo session would suit your family best in Toowoomba.


family of mum dad and two kids in garden for photo shoot


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Formal photography - two students taking a selfie with phone


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