They seem to be all the rage, but why should you have your photos printed on canvas? Here’s my top reasons to choose a canvas print:

1. Canvas Prints Look Fab!

Having your photos printed on canvas gives them almost a 3D effect on the wall. They pop out at you! If you have a modern-style home, or love the modern look, a canvas print will be just the thing to set off your decor. If you’ve been very clever, you might have dressed your family in colours that match your decor, and voila! Your art matches your home! And what a great way to show off what a fab time your family had at the photo shoot… memories recorded forever!

canvas prints

2. Easy to Care For

Canvas requires only a dusting occasionally, or a wipe-over with a cloth. That’s it! Your canvas comes with a 75 year guarantee not to fade, and if it is accidentally damaged, it will be replaced at no cost to you.

Top 3 reasons to choose a canvas print

3. Ready to Hang

A canvas print comes ready-to-hang! You don’t have to take your prints off to the framers and wait a few weeks before your can show your beautiful images to family and friends. Unwrap it, hammer it a hook, and you’re good to go! I also love that they have a matte finish, so the glare doesn’t get in the way of admiring your beautiful photos!

canvas print back

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